HORIBA Instruments announces exclusive distribution in the Americas

HORIBA Instruments announces exclusive distribution in the Americas

Irvine, CA: HORIBA Instruments Incorporated, a part of the HORIBA Group of worldwide companies and a supplier of preeminent analytical equipment, announces an exclusive distribution in the Americas with Innopharma technology of Dublin, Ireland. HORIBA will distribute Innopharma’s Eyecon2TM, a direct imaging particle analyser.  The Eyeconwas built to endure the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry but can measure powders, and bulk solids flow in such diverse areas as the food, chemical, agricultural, cosmetics, and veterinary industries. 

Dr. Michael C. Pohl, Vice President of HORIBA Instruments’ Particle Characterization group, stated, “HORIBA is overjoyed to have this new relationship with Innopharma since it offers our customers a way to measure particles both in-line and at-line for batch and continuous processes for the first time. The new agreement means that anyone throughout the Americas can get all particle instrumentation needed for production with one purchase order.” 

"Our goal at Innopharma Technology is to bring the future of manufacturing forward, by providing customers with innovative technologies to give the insight they need to understand and control their processes,” said Dr. Sean Costello, Director of Innopharma technology. “We are delighted to announce our relationship with HORIBA, who share our passion for providing customers with world-class technology and experience. This agreement further increases our access to scientists and engineers specializing in using PAT for process development, optimization, and control.”


The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of analytical instruments and systems. Its HORIBA Scientific segment, a world-leading supplier of scientific instruments, offers, among other things, Raman and Fluorescence spectrometers, AFM-Raman, ICP-OES, particle characterization, and elemental analyzers.

For more information contact:  Carol Madden, Senior Marketing Specialist, HORIBA Instruments Incorporated, 9755 Research Drive, Irvine California 92618, 800-446-7422 x 1133  www.horiba.com/scientific 


Sean Costello

Sean Costello leads the Technology Division, applying Industry 5.0 solutions to pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. Prior to Innopharma, Sean was a founder of a Medical Device company and University spin-out SlidePath, which developed cloud-enabled AI-driven diagnostic decision support and automated workflow solutions for clinical histopathology, pharma drug discovery and drug safety. Sean holds a PhD in Pathology Imaging and Medical Informatics and a BSc in Biotechnology.

Darren McHugh

Darren McHugh is a Senior Product Manager at Innopharma Technology, with over 18 years of experience in the field of Manufacturing. He holds separate degrees in: Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing, and a Master’s in Product Management. He has worked with several companies in the manufacturing industry to help them implement smart manufacturing solutions into their processes. Darren is an expert in Industry 4.0 and 5.0 solutions, where he has used IIoT, image analysis and machine learning (ML) technologies to help companies capture the full potential of their digital transformation efforts and deliver a satisfactory return on investment.

Liam Ryan

Liam Ryan is a Sales & Marketing Manager at Innopharma Technology with over 12 years in Technology and Food & Beverage sectors. He has specialized in international business spending years working in China, US, Middle East & Europe with strong experience in the commercialization of new technologies in the marketplace.

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