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Innopharma Technology collaborate with many of the industry leading equipment manufacturers & distributors and also drug manufacturers on projects striving to centralise product quality in drug manufacturing processes. Ranging from sensor-process equipment hardware interface development and software integration to new sensor development and advanced manufacturing process control implementation, we are at the forefront of advancing pharmaceutical manufacturing with our partners. We're committed to making pharma development and manufacturing faster and smarter. 

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Research Collaborations

Academic Partners

Innopharma Technology continuously works in collaboration with a range of universities and institutions across Europe, North America and Asia. Collaborating with groups driven to realise the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we are supporting research activities with existing analytical technologies and the ongoing development of further innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


focus to simplify

real-time process intelligence for faster, smarter pharma development and manufacturing.


years of successful

PAT imaging and spectroscopic solutions driven by a team of expert engineers and scientists.


Research & Innovation Funding

from FP7, EU Horizon 2020 & Enterprise Ireland supporting our unique R&D projects.


countries worldwide

to collaborate with industry and academia to progress the future of pharma manufacturing.

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Innopharma Technology are interested in discussing the possibilities of expanding our suppliers, distributors and academic partners, if you wish to find out more please complete the contact form below.