Accelerated Process Development 

Pharmaceutical Industry  

Across the Pharmaceutical Industry, companies are facing mounting pressure to reduce the costs and time it takes for effective, quality drugs to reach the market and patients.

Meeting these expectations depends on robust, replicable and scalable processes delivering right first-time outputs such as; right quality and quantity of drugs, minimal waste and faster timescales.

Using SmartXTM  will accelerate your process development, delivering an approved process faster that's scalable to commercial manufacturing.


Product and process mastery 

SmartX gives department teams better understanding of how critical process input parameters such as machine settings, operator training levels, or raw material options will affect product quality and outcomes. The platform is suitable for Fluid Bed Granulation, Fluid Bed Drying and Fluid Bed Coating. 

By mapping outputs to inputs, companies can proactively optimise all inputs and reduce variations. In addition, by documenting this level of control over input parameters to regulators, companies can reduce testing and significantly decrease product development time.

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Accelerated process development


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