The Innopharma Group of companies – Technology, Education and Services – work together to bring the future of manufacturing forward. We develop high-tech solutions, learning and people, to give the world’s pharma, medtech and food industries the advanced capabilities they need to make progress on the journey to high-tech manufacturing.

Innopharma Education

Change direction, advance your career

Studying at Innopharma Education gives you the skills advantage you need for a rewarding high-tech manufacturing career,  in the Pharmaceutical, Medtech and Food Science industries. 

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Innopharma group

Innopharma Technology

Making pharma development and manufacturing faster and smarter 

Innopharma Technology develops and implements tools for advanced (4.0) development & manufacturing for powder and solids processes including in-line real-time sensors, process machine and PAT sensor data alignment and secure storage, data analytics/visualization, and edge deployed tools for process logic development and automation with advanced dynamic control. 

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Technical Services

Training people with the skills the industry are looking for

At Innopharma’s Technical Services Division, our mission is to provide you, our clients in the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors with industry-leading contract validation engineers and technical specialists.

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focus to simplify

real-time process intelligence for faster, smarter pharma development and manufacturing.


years of success

PAT imaging and spectroscopic solutions driven by a team of expert engineers and scientists.


Research & Innovation Funding

from FP7, EU Horizon 2020 & Enterprise Ireland supporting our unique R&D projects.


countries worldwide

to collaborate with industry and academia to progress the future of pharma manufacturing.

Our products


This is our accelerated development and advanced manufacturing platform for Fluid Bed Systems. It enables faster, more systematic process development and a more robust, automated approach to manufacturing.



This is our market-leading particle analyser for powders and bulk solids. It utilises direct imaging technology for real-time particle size and shape information.



This is our multipoint, near infrared spectrophotometer for measuring changes in process. It measures intensity across a broad range of wavelengths and delivers an unparalleled level of process understanding and control.