NIR Spectroscopy PAT Sensors

Continuous monitoring of a process' critical quality attributes (CQAs) is a fundamental requirement of continuous processing in order to gain a sufficient understanding of the process and develop a data-driven control strategy. A suitable in-line Process Analytical Technology (PAT) sensor allows for real-time CQA readings as well as a real-time trend of the process's stability.

The Benefits of using PAT Sensors To Measure CQAs

PAT sensors are used in the manufacturing process to measure certain quality parameters of a product, bypassing or greatly reducing the necessity for sampling for off-line analysis. This has many advantages over standard off-line analysis methods, including;

  • in-situ process measurements
  • instant data access
  • enabling quick decision making during product development and manufacturing

Real-time Analysis

While the time between sampling and off-line results varies depending on the test and analytical structures in place, many PAT systems can provide real-time measurement results, allowing control decisions to be made based not only on a process recipe but also on the true CQAs of the material at that point in time, allowing for a more dynamic process control.

Eyecon2 with Laptop

Operator Efficiency

Additionally, the potential to develop an automated control with real-time release could reduce operator time when compared to testing samples at-line or off-line and manually adjusting the process within the specification.

Using NIR Spectroscopy Pat Sensor For Api Concentration Measurement

The tracking of the key component(s) in a powder blend is known as active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) concentration measurement. This is done to make sure that the correct amount of drug substance is introduced into the material during the blending process. NIR spectroscopy PAT sensors can be used to track the API concentration of the powder being outputted from a continuous blender.

NIR spectroscopy PAT sensor

Innopharma Technology’s Multieye2 is a multipoint near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer designed for real-time in-line process monitoring. It has a single sensor with up to four discrete channels that allows measurements from four probes within a process, removing the need for time-consuming alignment processes and channel-to-channel variance that numerous single point systems often have.

This multipoint near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer is ideal for use in;

  • advanced development and manufacturing to aid rapid identification
  • monitoring and control of critical quality attributes and critical process parameters as part of a process control strategy

Multieye2 can be used to monitor API/component concentration and can also be implemented in applications where blend uniformity, moisture content and ribbon density are of interest.