NIR Spectroscopy for Real-Time, In-Line Measurement of Moisture Content for Improved Process Understanding in Fluid Bed Granulation

Granulation is a process that aids downstream processes to ensure a high quality and safe product but the process is not without its potential sources of rejected material or waste. Some issues that can occur during a granulation process are under granulation, over granulation and wide particle size distributions. These problems can occur as a result of too much or little liquid and binder addition, incorrect pressure application during Twin Screw Granulation and Roller Compaction or incorrect air temperature and drying time in a Fluidised Bed Granulation process.

Process improvement and understanding are achievable through the use of the Multieye2 by monitoring the changes in moisture content in response to altering fluid bed process parameters. This study demonstrates how PAT can be successfully implemented in a DoE enabling an in-depth understanding of the influence of process parameters on the process and product, paving the way for automated process control.

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