Eyecon₂ is now a step ahead in smart analysis

Eyecon₂ is now a step ahead in smart analysis


Innopharma Technology started the year 2020 with some impressive development and achievements. This January, we shipped the first Eyecon2 unit with an Autostage for improved benchtop analysis.  The Eyecon2 particle size analyser now ensures fully automated benchtop analysis with the development of a robotic stage, which eliminated manual adjustment of the sample disk. Released in December, this robotic stage can be used in benchtop processes without an operator. Additionally, Innopharma Technology has also released a new Verification Standard Kit based on certified laser pinhole technology for Eyecon2

The development of Autostage stemmed from listening to our customer's feedback. This new ancillary device, included in all At-line Eyecon2 units, can negate the need for the user to manually move material presented to the Eyeconfor measurement. 

The Autostage communicates with the particle size software EyePASSTM, to fully automate analysis workflow.  The Autostage has demonstrated improved efficiency and reproducibility for our Eyecon2 At-line users. 

Eyeconis the second generation particle size analyser developed by Innopharma Technology. Starting its journey as early as 2009, Eyecon has been praised and used by leading industry experts and manufacturing giants. Innopharma is visionary and progressing towards the next generation of particle size analysis technology.  

Chris O’Callaghan

Chris O’Callaghan is Head of Engineering within Innopharma Technology and is responsible for process analytical technologies and control products, applications development, and customer project delivery. He and his team manage the custom engineering projects required to successfully interface control systems with new and existing product lines in the continuous and batch manufacturing spaces, as well as control strategy development and deployment.

Darren McHugh

Darren McHugh is a Senior Product Manager at Innopharma Technology, with over 18 years of experience in the field of Manufacturing. He holds separate degrees in: Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing, and a Master’s in Product Management. He has worked with several companies in the manufacturing industry to help them implement smart manufacturing solutions into their processes. Darren is an expert in Industry 4.0 and 5.0 solutions, where he has used IIoT, image analysis and machine learning (ML) technologies to help companies capture the full potential of their digital transformation efforts and deliver a satisfactory return on investment.

Laryssa Gorato

Laryssa Gorato is an Associate Product Manager at Innopharma Technology with a proven track record of success in developing and launching innovative products. Laryssa is a PAT specialist and the lead point of contact for the Eyecon 2 particle size and shape analyser. Responsibilities include installing, training, and supporting customer success. Laryssa is passionate about converting the needs of Innopharma customers into product features, the implementation of which has improved the product functionality and delighted customers.

Eyecon₂ Direct Imaging Particle Analyser 

Uses direct imaging processed in real-time, with ellipses fitted to each particles boundary, shape and size reported back, highlighting variations


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