Improved Quality Through Human-Centric Data

Improved Quality Through Human-Centric Data


The adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has gathered pace, and with it, so too has the level of data generated. The scale of data means we need to be able to make sense of it and have a practical means of storing and retrieving it. So how do we make sense of this data and make it useful to you, the human?

The digital revolution that began in earnest in the early 1990s has finally begun to fasten its grip on the pharmaceutical industry.  We are left with limitless viewpoints into the most nuanced workings of our processes.  However, such high volumes of data quickly become illegible noise.

We know data is immensely valuable. With more of it, we can more confidently assess and make decisions about all aspects of our process, ensuring quality standards are not just maintained, but pushed higher. With hyperconnected governance systems, such as our SmartX process automation solution, data is fed through a plethora of existing process analytical technologies (PAT) via open platform communication (OPC) and other modern standards.

With data streaming in real-time to SmartX, its machine learning and advanced analytical capabilities get to work deciphering data to maintain critical quality attributes and critical process parameters with ease. This processing isn’t happening behind the scenes; SmartX data visualization is designed to be intuitive and human-centric, meaning you can get an understanding of the process at a glance.

Improved Quality Through Human-Centric Data


With SmartX, nothing gets lost

Process data and batch records are stored in the cloud or locally (edge computing) allowing for retrieval at any point of time in the future. With such levels of data stored and readily available, it allows ‘stop and fix’ methodologies to look at the process in retrospect to pinpoint any deviation or error in exact detail.

SmartX leads to a revolutionary shift away from traditional sample analysis where previously it was possible only to see windows of the process, but never the entire picture as it plays out in real-time. With continued insight, Continuous Process Verification (CPV) can be achieved that promises to elevate and automate quality to achieve tighter, more ambitious quality targets.

We are not built to process immense volumes of data like machines; instead, we are best suited to the visual representation of data. SmartX understands this need and tailors data to ensure the most valuable insights are clearest to you. Using this human-centric approach allows you to better understand your process at a glance without a learning curve or an information overload that can often lead to missed process insights.

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Claude Lacey

Claude Lacey leads the Innopharma Technology software development team and has worked in software development for over 20 years.  Prior experience includes software development management in the medical device industry where he led the development of digital pathology software applications.  His areas of expertise include cloud architecture, imaging and data driven systems, UX design, agile and lean thinking.  He has a special interest in IoT, machine learning and computer graphics technologies. Claude holds a BSc in Computer Science and PgDip in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology.

Girish Mallya

Girish Mallya is a Senior Software Developer working at Innopharma Technology with 12 years of professional experience developing image analysis solutions and is responsible for the technical aspects of software R&D projects that involve image analysis/computer vision. Apart from image processing and computer vision, he has experience in C++, Python, MATLAB, Machine learning for image analysis.

Volodymyr Rudiakov

Volodymyr Rudiakov is a Senior Software Developer at Innopharma Technology with 8 years of experience of using C++, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, Java and different technologies for data exchange, storage and processing, IoT devices and systems integration, and process automation. Overall, more than 20 years of networks specialist and systems integrator experience.

Data Integrity by Design

SmartX - simple and secure handling of data ensures Data Integrity by Design from experimentation and DoE to process data storage. Data storage can be implemented in either a cloud or edge (on-site) model.

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