Pharma 4.0 - Smart Manufacturing

All Manufacturing lines have the same goal, to establish robust, repeatable and reliable methods to manufacture compliant product, as efficiently as possible. Process development is the means of achieving the 3 R’s of robust, repeatable and reliable. Naturally process development drastically affects the bottom line but it also affects how quickly a market demand is met. The inspiring accelerated process development demonstrated during the pandemic is a good example of this. Hence, accelerated process development is the desire of any company looking to meet demand and safeguard return on investment.

Themes including:
Industry 4.0, Disruptive Technology, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Lean & Continuous Improvement, Automation, Research & Development, Precision Engineering, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sustainability, Food & Beverage Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Reliability, Asset Management. Procurement, Government Policy, Industrial Strategy, Vendor Agnostic, Amalgamated, Unified Data.

Pharma 4.0 your not just running the machines/processes, It enables you to better tune the automation.

Enhancing the Capabilities of Fluid Bed Granulation through Process Automation and Digitalisation

Level 3Level 3 Volume 16 Issue 2 Part 2:Steps Towards Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Landscape Linking Data, Analytics, Knowledge and Risk