Particle Characterization: Image Analysis | Webinar | HORIBA | Innopharma

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Learn how to reliably determine particle size and shape distributions. Image analysis is intuitively appealing and, with new software and hardware, increasingly accessible. On line image analysis extends the technique by analyzing particles as they are in the process, giving immediate feedback. Effectively limited by the wavelength of light, image analysis can be used for particles with sizes ranging from about a micron to tens of millimeters.

View this webinar to learn about this powerful technology for high resolution particle size and shape measurement. This webinar will cover the basics of the technique and some considerations for obtaining reliable data.

Join Darren McHugh from Innopharma Technology and Dr. Jeff Bodycomb from HORIBA Scientific as they:

  • Introduce image analysis of particles
  • Show common applications
  • Describe measurement practices and requirements
  • Show latest advances in on line image analysis